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World Sight Day-Titan Eyeplus urges to take 60 sec of their time to get a lifetime of clear sight

Chandigarh, (Aditi) : Reduced eyesight is caused by multiple factors, including diseases like diabetes, eye trauma, cataracts or glaucoma. 3.6 Crore individuals suffer from blindness, globally with India being home to nearly 1 crore. While 80% vision impairment can be prevented by early detection and timely intervention, lack of access and awareness has been a major deterrent in individuals seeking eye care. 

This year, the world observes World Sight Day on 8 October, an annual day of awareness held to focus global attention on blindness and vision impairment. On World Sight Day, Titan Eyeplus urges citizens to take out sometime out of their busy lives to take a simple online eye screening test that will give users an indication whether they need vision correction. Basis screening results, the brand will request the customers to visit an ophthalmologist or a qualified optometrist.

Mr. Saumen Bhaumik, CEO, Eyewear Division, Titan Company Limited sharing his vision behind the initiative said “Given that 80% of data acquisition by human brain is through eyes, importance of eye health cannot be overstated.  But we often take the gift of sight for granted and do not take enough care leading to irreparable damages. None of us will be proud to know that India is home to over 25% world’s blind population of 36 Million. On this World Sight Day through a simple eye screening test we want to sensitize and urge our fellow citizens to spend 60 seconds of their life to know whether they have a Clear Sight”

The eye screening test is available on https://www.titaneyeplus.com/eye-screening

Out of 55 crore Indians needing vision correction only 14 crore have adopted some solution. The onslaught of COVID-19 has also led to an increase in screen-time for people across ages and has been a major contributing factor in declining eye health. Eye care and eye health has become even more of a necessity and Titan Eye Plus hopes to encourage and motivate as many consumers as possible to pay attention to their eyes. 

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