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Youth of the country are impressed with the functioning of PM Modi & joining BJP in large numbers

Chandigarh: Around 200 college students from different colleges of Chandigarh joined BJP under OM Srivastva, Newly elected President of Students Council, PG Govt College, Sector 46 and Rajat Singh, newly elected General Secretary. Youth leaders Rajesh Paswan, Chetan Munjal, Deepak Kundu founder of CSF accompanied the students to join BJP. State president Arun Sood welcomed student leaders into the BJP fold. While addressing students , Arun Sood said the PM Narendra Modi is creating ample modern education & employment opportunities across the country for youth.

Arun Sood said students are future leaders of the country and they should join the nation building exercise started by PM Modi. India is on the path to becoming a developed country. India became the first country to land chanderyan in South pole, samunder yaan is being sent in oceans. In sports too India has achieved many international medals, corruption has been stopped from sports managing bodies. Rozgar Melas will ensure 100000 jobs in the govt sector. In 2014 India was 10th Economic power & India has become 5th largest in nine years. Sood said that Youth of the country should join the BJP in large numbers to take India forward on the path of development as the 21st century is the century of India under PM Modi.


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