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Punjab Budget at a Glance

· During the past four years has provided free power to 14.23 lakh farmers amounting to Rs. 23,851 crore and resolves to continue to provide free power to farmers. An amount of Rs. 7,180 crore has been provisioned in 2021-22 in this regard for this purpose alone.
· Debt amounting to Rs. 4,624 crore has already been waived off.
· Loans to the extent of Rs. 1,186 crore of 1.13 lakh farmers and Rs. 526 crore of landless farm workers in the next phase during 2021-22.
· A new umbrella program “during 2021-22, with an outlay of Rs. 3,780 crore to be implemented during the next three years. An outlay of Rs. 1,104 crore has been earmarked for 2021-22.
· An allocation of Rs. 200 crore in 2021-22 for ensuring more inclusive and integrated development of agriculture and allied services.
· Direct Benefit Transfer of Electricity (DBTE) under the banner of “Panni Bachao Paise Kamao” scheme on 6 feeders was launched. A budgetary provision of Rs. 10 crore has been made for 2021-22.
· A new project for Utilization of treated water for Irrigation through the assistance of NABARD and an amount of Rs. 40 crore has been earmarked.
· Under the in-situ Crop Residue Management, a total of 50,815 residue management machines have been provided at subsidised rates to individual farmers and co- operative societies.An amount of Rs. 30 crore has been proposed for this purpose during 2021-22.
· An allocation of INR 200 Cr has been proposed for the development of this sector.
· Established the Veterinary College at Rampura Phul and also allocated INR 120 Cr to State Extension Programme, Organic Farming, e-governance and other Centrally Sponsored programs
· An integrated facility for fruits and vegetable is being set up by Punjab Agri Export Corporation Ltd. at Abohar at a cost of Rs. 7 crore.
· we propose to establish the “Punjab Sugarcane Research Development Institute” at Kalanaur (District Gurdaspur) at a cost of Rs. 47 crore.
· Rs. 300 crore for support to Cane Growers.
· Rs. 60 crore is proposed for modernization and expansion of Sugar mills of Gurdaspur and Batala.
· special project at the cost of Rs. 500 crore to construct new link roads to the Basti’s of Scheduled Caste and poorer sections of the society, shamshan ghats, places of worship, which do not have road connectivity presently, shall be undertaken in the rural areas during 2021-22.
· Under the 2018-19 Repair Programme (Phase-I and II), 28,815 km length of roads have been repaired at a cost of Rs. 3,278 crore. Another Project for the repair of 6,162 km length of link roads is being implemented at a cost of Rs. 834 crore in 2020-21. In addition, 17,600 km length of Link Roads has been approved for repair with patch work at a cost of Rs. 82 Crore and is expected to be completed by 30.06.2021.
· 962 such bridges/culverts are already being widened/upgraded at a cost of Rs. 216 crore. In the second phase, 582 Bridges/culverts at the cost of Rs 185 crore are in the process of approval. We intend to complete the work on these by 31.12.2021.
· AMulti-speciality Veterinary Hospital and Regional Research Centre is being set up at the cost of Rs 62.14 crore at village Sappanwali, district Fazilka- Rs. 18 crore has been allocated in 2021-22 to expedite its completion.
· To protect livestockagainst contagious diseases, Punjab Veterinary Vaccine Institute, Ludhiana is being upgraded to Good Manufacturing Practices(GMP) as per the WHO Norms at a cost of Rs.32 crore and an amount Rs. 20.22 crore has already been released for its upgradation during 2020-21.
· Free Artificial Insemination is being conducted for 11lakh eligible Buffalo and Cattle with quality semen under Nationwide Artificial Insemination Programme (NAIP) in all the villages of the State.
· 04 Holstein Friesians (HF) bulls at cost of Rs. 9 Lakh per bull have been imported under Rashtriya Gokul Mission from Germany and provided free of cost by the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB).
· Provide free COVID-19 vaccination to every eligible beneficiary.
· An allocation of INR 12 Cr proposed for Mission Tandrust Punjab.
· An allocation of INR 65 Cr proposed for the construction of 8 New Maternal and Child Health wings at various districts.
· An allocation of INR 57 Cr proposed for the construction of 9 New Maternal and Child Health wings proposed in the last budget.
· An allocation of INR 55 Cr proposed for providing additional beds at the existing MCH wings at District Hospitals.
· An allocation of INR 11 Cr proposed for the construction of 3 new Drug warehouses of 1,500 sqm each at the MCH Wings in Hoshiarpur, Ferozepur and Sangrur.
· An allocation of INR 100 Cr proposed for repair and renovation of all the District Hospitals, Sub Divisional Hospitals and CHCs and aim to complete 40% by March 2022.
· INR 1,000 Cr spent to fight against COVID-19 pandemic and 7 State Government Laboratories have been set up to provide free treatment and other facilities linked with COVID-19 pandemic.
· Provide availability of 8,000 hospital beds at all Level II hospitals, 1500 ICU beds & 855 ventilators at Level III facilities in Government Medical Colleges of Patiala, Amritsar, Faridkot & District Hospitals of Ludhiana & Jalandhar.
· Setting up of isolation wards with 1,494 beds were set up in three government medical colleges with 272 ICU beds, 225 ventilators, 50 HFNO and PPP kits/medicines and oxygens gas, food arrangements, ambulances etc.
· Setting up of 3 plasma banks at the 3 Government Medical Colleges to provide plasma free of cost.
· 729 Cold chain points have been identified in the State to ensure the efficacy of vaccine is duly maintained.
· 2,046 Health & Wellness Centres (HWCs) have been operationalized in the State so far at an expenditure of Rs. 58 Crore and 27 medicines and 6 diagonostic tests are provided free of cost in all the HWCs.
· A special campaign has been designed to reduce the Maternal Mortality Ratio of the state and new Maternal and Child Health wings have been completed at a cost of Rs. 26.70 crore.
· Upgradation of 409 HWCs has successfully been completed, out of 2046 HWCs
· Successfully launched and continuing AYUSHMAN BHARAT – SARBAT SEHAT BIMA YOJANA (AB-SSBY) and5.87 lakh cashless treatments worth Rs. 657 crore have been provided to the entitled beneficiaries.
· Dedicated Arogya Mitras have been deployed in all 828 empanelled hospitals for assistance and facilitation of cashless treatment to the patients.
· 5.56 lakh cashless treatments worth Rs. 639.34 crore have been provided to the entitled beneficiaries during the lockdown in the COVID-19 times.
· A beneficiary feedback portal has been launched in 2020-21 to seek the feedback and increase the participation of the beneficiaries of the scheme.
· 29 Cold chain points have been identified in the State to ensure the efficacy of vaccine is duly maintained.
· The Vaccination drive was launched on January 16th across country starting with HCW and from February 2nd, FLW are also being vaccinated. Around 74,286 HCW and 23,085 FLW have been vaccinated.
· 27 medicines and 6 diagnostic tests are provided free of cost in all the HWCs.
· New Maternal and Child Health wings have been completed at a cost of Rs. 26.70 crore.
· 4 new Anti-Retroviral Therapy Centres have been established at Kapurthala, Mohali, Nawanshahar and Mansa for providing treatment/medicines to HIV patients and to avoid travel on the part of such patients.
· A new hospital for Mother & Child Care, costing Rs. 15 crore has been set up at Guru Gobind Singh Medical College, Faridkot.
· A Government Medical College at Mohali is being set up at total cost of Rs. 189 Crore
· An allocation of INR1008 Cr for promoting medical education 85% more than the allocation to the sector during 2020-21 RE
· Rs. 92 crorefor upgradation of the infrastructure of Government Medical College Patiala
· New medical college in Gurdaspur and Malerkotla.
· Up new medical college and Hospital namely Sri Guru Nanak Dev State Institute of Medical Sciences at Kapurthala and Shaheed Udham Singh State Institute of Medical Sciences at Hoshiarpur with a total expenditure of Rs. 650 crore and an initial allocation of Rs. 80 crore has been provided for this purpose in the Budget 2021-22.
· Construction of Tertiary Cancer Care Centre at Hoshiarpur will be taken up during 2021-22
· Establish Regional centre of National Institute of Virology at Mohali in collaboration with ICMR/Government of India.
· An outlay of Rs. 11,861 crore has been earmarked for School Education for the year 2021-22
· Construction of 6,984 Additional Classrooms, 292 Science Laboratories alongwith Lab equipment’s, 304 libraries and 319 Art & Craft rooms at a cost of Rs. 604.07 crore.
· Furniture has also been provided for the students studying in primary classes i.e. from Class 1st to 5th and for 75,655 pre-primary students.
· During the COVID-19 lock-down, undertook a special enrolment drive “Each one Bring One” to motivate the parents for admitting their children in Government schools.
· The State has been providing free Sanitary Pads to all the girl students studying from Class 6th to 12th in Government Schools
· Teacher student ratio in the Government schools is 1:21 which is well within the norms under the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009.
· Introduced English as a medium of instruction- as anoption in 14,957 Government Primary, Middle, High and Senior Secondary schools covering 3,71,802 students.
· An allocation of INR 350 Cr have been proposed under Mid-day Meal .
· INR 100 Cr each have been proposed for promoting digital education and Smart Phones.
· Allocation of Rs. 100 crore- Smart Phones.
· A new scheme "Career and Guidance Counselling”.
· INR 10 Cr have been proposed for developments of playgrounds.
· An allocation of Rs. 50 crore has been provided for in 2021-22 for purchase of computers for Government Primary schools.
· Also, during the last four years, we have regularized the services of 14,064 teachers who had been working on contractual basis for past 5 to 15 years.
· A total allocation of Rs. 100 crore is proposed for the year 2021-22 for completing the ongoing constructions/renovation work in Government Colleges.
· construction of Education College at Malerkotla and undertake repair works in the colleges at Zira and Kala Afghanain the year 2021-22.
· To meet the aspirations of the local community, a new college for girls will be constructed at Malerkotla.
· Improvement of infrastructure in 6 Historical Government Colleges including a special grant of Rs. 7 crore for Nawab Jassa Singh Ahluwalia College, Kapurthala.
· Allocation of Rs. 5 crore for setting up a Centre on Guru Granth Sahib at Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar.
· An allocation of INR 9.08 Cr for setting up of chairs Maharana Pratap Chair; Maharaja Agarsain Chair; Shaheed Udham Singh Chair and Gurdial Singh Chair at Punjabi University, Patiala and Dr. B.R. AmbedkarChair; Satguru Ram Singh Chair; Sant Baba Prem Singh Ji Murale Wale Chair and Jalianwala Bagh Chair at Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar
· Proposes to double the award amounts for Punjabi Sahit Ratan Award and Shiromani Award from 10lakh to 20lakh and 5lakh to 10lakh respectively.
· Proposes to enhance the prize money for Best Literary Book Awards from Rs. 21,000 to Rs. 31,000 and for the Best Printing Book Awards of Punjabi, Hindi & Urdu languages from Rs. 11,000 to Rs. 21,000.
· Proposes to double the the financial assistance from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 20,000 (for a book with pages up to 100) & from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 30,000 (for a book with more than 100 pages) given to the needy writers of Punjabi, Hindi & Urdu languages.
· Proposes to set up Sri Guru TegBahadur Institute of Handicraft at GNDU Regional Centre, Sathiala, Baba Bakala and Dr.B.R. Ambedkar Institute of Management at Kapurthala.
· An allocation of INR 15 Cr for upgradation of Beant College of Engineering & Technology, Gurdaspur and ShaheedBhagat Singh State Technical Campus, Ferozepur.
· An allocation of INR 8.27 Cr for upgradation of Government ITI, Ludhiana into Model ITI and Rs. 10 crore for upgradation of infrastructure, machinery, equipment of exiting ITIs.
· A special grant of Rs. 90 crore for Punjabi University, Patiala to square up the debt liability
· Setting up Sri Guru Teg Bahadur Institute of Handicraft at GNDU Regional Centre, Sathiala, Baba Bakala andSri Guru Teg Bahadur School of Textile and Fashion Technology, GNDU
· Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Institute of Management is proposed to be set up at IKGPTU, Kapurthala with an objective of achieving international-level quality in the field of Management Education
· Also, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Museum is proposed to be set up at IKGPTU, Kapurthala, wherein the biography and achievements of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar will be displayed
· Social Security Pension amounting to Rs. 2,089 crore in 2019-20 and Rs. 2,277 crore in 2020-21, a three-fold of what was provided by the previous government in 2016-17 i.e. Rs. 747 crore
· Doubling the monthly pension from Rs. 750 to Rs. 1,500 with effect from 1.7.2021- budgetary outlay of Rs. 4,000 crore
· Allocated INR 878 Cr under the scheme “Integrated ChildDevelopment Scheme” aimed at providing supplementary nutrition to almost 12 lakh children and pregnant women & lactating mothers.
· Provided free facility/half rates of fares of Punjab Roadways/PRTC Buses to blind Persons and other persons with more than forty percent disability.
· A Spinal Injury Centre is being run at Mohali to treat diseases related to spine of persons with disabilities. Also allocated INR 162 Cr under the Attendance Scholarship Scheme.
· Allocated INR 53 Cr under the scheme POSHAN Abhiyan to improve the nutritional status of newborn babies, children up to 0-6 years, adolescent girls, pregnant women & lactating mothers and reduce malnourishment.
· An allocation of INR 50 Cr has been proposed to set up Seven Hostel for working women in major districts of Punjab.
· An allocation of INR 5 Cr to launch a new scheme "Mata Tripta Mahila Yojana” and to cover the existing schemes run by various departments of the State.
· An allocation of INR 24 Cr for setting up of Old Age Homes.
· Implemented 33% reservation to Women in appointments to all categories of post of Government and Boards & Corporations and the Punjab Civil Services (Reservation of Posts for Women) Rules.
· Attendance Scholarship Scheme, financial assistance in the form of scholarship will be provided to 4,000 students with disabilities.
· A major scheme for the empowerment of Persons withDisabilities (PwDs), the Punjab Divyangjan Shaktikaran Yojna (PDSY) shall be implemented all over the State- Rs. 5 crore allocated.
· Installing single Window System for issuing necessary clearances for new LPG outlets and has given 12,23,768 free LPG connections to women beneficiaries.
· 350 Standardisation Testing and Quality Certification (STQC) devices are being procured for deployment in Sewa Kendras for providing Aadhaar related services to residents.
· Issued a notification under the “Punjab Shops and Commercial Establishment Act, 1958”, which will allow Shops and Commercial Establishment to remain open all 365 days of the year and for 24 hours.
· Allocated interim financial relief of Rs. 6,000 per worker to 2,90,513 workers registered with Punjab Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board.
· The beneficiaries will be supplied 5 kg of wheat per person per month for which -an allocation of Rs 120 crores.
· The 'Single Window System' for issuing necessary clearances for installing new LPG outlets has been implemented in the State and the State Government has given 12,23,768 free LPG connections to women beneficiaries.
· The State Government, as a tribute to our freedom fighters, proposes to increase the monthly pension from Rs. 7,500/- to Rs. 9,400/- w.e.f. 01.04.2021.
· “Guardians of Governance” have appointed 4,300 Guardians in all the district of the State.
· Two new galleries in War Memorial Complex at Amritsar- Rs. 18 crore.
· Rs. 5 crore is proposed during 2021-22 to improve the condition of Sainik School, Kapurthala.
· Our Government, during the lockdown period, had given an interim financial relief of Rs. 6,000 per worker to 2,90,513 workersregistered with Punjab Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board. An amount of Rs. 174 crore was disbursed to them through DBT.

· the State Government is committed to increase the facility of canal water and the productivity of food grains. I propose an allocation of Rs. 1603 crore for this purpose during the year 2021-22.
· To provide irrigation facilities to villages Mohewal, Jhinjari, Tarapur and Thappal, the State Government has approved lift irrigation scheme at Sri Anandpur Sahib with a cost of Rs. 10crore.
· The second Lift irrigation scheme at a cost of Rs. 15 crore for villages Nard, Missewal, Cheekna is in progress and is likely to be completed by 2021-22.
· Also, Rs.15 croreis being provided for the Renovation and Modernization of Regulator structures on Canals that are currently under progress.
· The State proposes to undertake Concrete Lining Rehabilitation, Renovation and Modernization of Lahore Branch System on 347.0 km in the districts of Gurdaspur and Amritsar which shall provide benefit to 150 villages falling under these districts. An allocation of Rs 150 crore has been provided for this purpose in 2021-22.
· Construction work of field channels of Kotla Branch Part-II Project at a cost of Rs 477 crore is currently in progress and a budgetary provision of Rs 100 crore is being provided during 2021-22 for completion of this project.
· For the integrated project to address water logging problem in south-western districts of Punjab, an allocation of Rs 50 crore has been provided for 2021-22.
· The Government has taken up a new project with a cost of Rs 196crore, for installation and energization of 502 deep tube-wells for irrigation purpose in different blocks of Kandi area- Rs. 157crore.
· A budgetary outlay of Rs. 100crore is proposed for undertaking drainage works namely flood protection works to be executed along Indo Pak border on river Ravi and its tributariesUjh to check erosion of culturable land, village abadies and defence installation; Canalization of Sakki/Kiran Nallah;Construction of flood protection works along left side and right side of River Beas in District Gurdaspur, Hoshiarpur and Kapurthala; Integrated Project to address water logging problem in South-Western districts of Punjab-ACA for Drainage.
· Upgradation of space theatre of Pushpa Gujral Science City, Kapurthala.
· Punjab Innovation Mission 2020: Rs. 10 Crore Is Proposed In 2021-22 For This Purpose Under "Financial Assistance to Start-Ups".
· Setting Up of New Steps And Up-Gradation Of Stp To Tertiary Treatment Levelat total cost of Rs. 29 crore are being setup.
· An amount of Rs. 25 crore has been provisioned in 2021-22 for completion of existing projects including Block level Multipurpose Sports Stadiums at Ludhiana, Rajpura, Dhuri, Amargarh, Nawanshahar, Khadoor Sahib & Pathankot.
· A new Wrestling Academy at Hoshiarpur .
· Rowing Academy at Ferozepur will also be taken up in 2021-22.
· A special repair of the Table-Tennis Stadium, Jalandhar.
· Rs. 15 crore has been provided for Maharaja Bhupinder Singh Punjab Sports University at Patiala.
· A budgetary allocation of Rs. 428 crore has been provided during 2021-22.
· Punjab Skill Development Mission: An allocation of Rs. 228crore for this Mission is provided in 2021-22 for further upscaling the mission in the next financial year.
· Doubling the training target for MAHARAJA RANJIT Singh Armed Forces and Preparatory Institute (MRSAFPI) at Mai Bhago Armed Forces and Preparatory Institute
· The State has incurred an expenditure of Rs. 50 crore for providing free medicines to the patients coming for treatment at these centres.
· The State Government has provided an outlay of Rs. 13 crore during 2021-22 for purchase of land for Police line at Shaheed Bhagat Singh (SBS) Nagar
· land for construction of police stations. In addition to this, an outlay of Rs. 10 crore has been proposed for construction and repair of Police Buildings during 2021-22.
· Laboratory for Cyber Crime Prevention against Women & Children (CCPWC) at a cost of Rs.2.54 croreis proposed to be undertaken during 2021-22.
· Installation of CCTV camera, laptops, helmets etc. at a cost of Rs. 3 crore is proposed to be undertaken during 2021-22.
· Setting up of State-level Centralized Call Taking Centre/Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) at Mohali.
· Installation of CCTV cameras at Patiala and Batala; Data Center Networking and Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and System (CCTNS) coverage etc.
· Implementation of AI (Artificial Intelligence) enabled video surveillance and monitoring system at all the 10 Central Jails situated in the state of Punjab.
· To de-congest the existing jail infrastructure, 2 new jails- Central Jail at Sri Goindwal Sahib (capacity-2780) and Women Jail at Bathinda (capacity-250) will be operationalized.
· Communication Dead Zone at Central Jail, Bathinda.
· Improve the hygiene and quality of food of prisoners, automated washing machines of large capacity and chapatti making machines for jail kitchens in all the Central Jails
· The State would organize a state-level function to commemorate the 400thBirth Anniversary of Sri Guru Teg Bahadur Ji and an amount of Rs. 35 crore has been earmarked for this purpose in 2021-22
· Jallianwala Bagh Centenary Memorial Park in Amritsar would be set up at a cost of Rs. 3.52 crore.
· An amount of Rs. 178 crore has been proposed in 2021-22 for development/conservation and preservation of various memorials/ monuments/museums of the State.Also, the Khuralgarh Memorial shall be completed during 2021-22 at a cost of Rs.103 crore.
· An amount of Rs. 5 crore has been proposed to organize Patiala Heritage Festival, Military Literature Festival and other Cultural Activities during the year 2021-22.
· SMART VILLAGE CAMPAIGN : Undertake a total of 48,910 works under the second phase and an allocation of Rs. 1,175 crore has been made in the Budget 2021-22.
· Mahatama Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (Mgnregs) :Employment to 8.39 lakh households to the tune of 315 lacmandays have been generated in 2020-21 under MGNREGS- Rs. 400 crore allocated for this scheme
· PARDHAN MANTRI AWAAS YOJANA- An outlay of Rs 122 crore has been proposed for the year 2021-22.
· MODERNIZATION & IMPROVEMENT OF SC VILLAGES HAVING MORE THAN 50% SC POPULATION: Special allocation of Rs. 10 crore is proposed for this purpose in 2021-22.
· Rs. 200 crore for Border and Kandi Area during 2021-22.
· 2 new multi village surface water supply projects for Roopnagar and Hoshiarpur districts have been designed and the water for these project would be taken from Shah Neher Barrage.
· Shahpur Kandi Dam project is under progress on River Ravi at an estimated cost of Rs. 422 crore- an allocation of Rs. 182 crore during 2021-22 is budgeted.
· For installation and energization of 502 deep tube-wells for irrigation purpose in different blocks of Kandi area- Rs. 157 crore for the year 2021-22
· I propose an allocation of Rs. 7,192 crore for the holistic development of our urban sector for the year 2021-22 i.e. an increase of 68% over 2020-21 RE of Rs. 4,270 crore
· A budgetary provision of Rs. 1,600 crore for SMART CITIES MISSION project during 2021-22
· Canal Based Water Supply Project in Amritsar And Ludhiana-
· Rs. Rs. 1,400 crore is proposed for the year 2021-22 under Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (Amrut).
· Swachh Bharat Mission-Urban: Rs. 114 crore
· Punjab Urban Environment Improvement Programme (PUIEP): Works amounting to Rs. 292.24 crore under Phase-I have been initiated in 2019-20 and 2020-21 and under Phase-II announced in 2020-21, the allocation has been increased from Rs. 500 crore to Rs. 1,117 crore, out of which, works amounting to Rs. 947 crore have already been approved and under various stages of implementation. Further, I propose an additional allocation of Rs. 500 crore during 2021-22 for undertaking these works.
· Empowering Slum Dwellers –Basera.
· International Standard Tourism/ Theme Destination in Punjab on Pathankot-Dalhousie road around Ranjit Sagar Lake at a cost of Rs. 450 crore
· Ludhiana, Mohali and Amritsar Commercial Complexes-cum-Exhibition Centres at a cost of Rs. 125 crore; Rs. 150 crore and Rs. 250 crore, respectively.
· Undertake schemes namely EWS Housing on Authority Land; EWS Private Project Housing Schemes; Regularisation Policy for standalone Project and Amnesty Policy for default in payment of instalments.
· An allocation of Rs. 2,148 crore has been provided during 2021-22 to achieve the targets of piped water supply and potable water for all which is an increase of 25% over 2020-21 RE of Rs. 1,721 crore.
· Har GharPaani, Har GharSafai: We propose to undertake 1430 habitations including 216 quality habitations to be covered during 2021-22 for augmentation of existing water supply schemes with an estimated expenditure of Rs. 1071 crore.
· A scheme covering 39 villages affected by iron in their ground water in NurpurBedi Block of district Rupnagar has been commissioned in 2019 at a cost of Rs.25 crore.
· Surface water supply projects would be undertaken in the rural villages of the districts Ferozepur, Fazilka, Hoshiarpur and Roopnagar.
· Upgradation of water quality testing infrastructure.
· Setting up of 3 multi district laboratories at Hoshiarpur, Sangrur and Moga and upgradation of 24 Sub-Divisional Labs.
· Districts Patiala and Fatehgarh Sahib at a cost of Rs.383crore covering 408 villages, 87,564 households with a population of 4.95lacs and these projects are likely to be completed by December, 2022.
· 106 fluoride affected villages are being provided community-based RO plants at a cost of Rs. 10crore.
· A “Water Quality Monitoring Policy” the State is being upgraded at a cost of Rs. 14 crore.
· An allocation of Rs. 40 crore is proposed for this purpose in 2021-22.
· A project costing Rs. 16 crore has been prepared for providing upgraded water supply facilities in Faridkot City. In Phase-I, the work for construction of water treatment plant and laying down of pipeline etc. is in process at a cost of Rs. 8 crore. Besides, the sewerage facilities in Sri Anandpur Sahib will also be upgraded at an estimated cost of Rs. 6 crore.
· An allocation of Rs. 94 crore has been provided for this purpose during 2021-22.
· The government has provided Rs.863 crore till date to incentivise 5.75 lac rural beneficiaries to construct individual household toilets in order to make Rural Punjab Open Defecation Free and also released Rs.33 crore in 2020-21.
· An allocation of Rs. 1,704 crore has been earmarked for constructionof new roads and bridges and Rs. 575 crore is earmarked for upgradation, construction and repair of Roads & Bridges of 560 km of road length
· Further, Rs. 160 crore is proposed for upgradation of 124 rural roads and 13 bridges with the assistance of NABARD.
· Besides, an allocation of Rs. 130 crore has been proposed for construction of ROBs/RUBs at Chougeti Ladhewali Road - Jalandhar, Jalandhar Cantt. -Hoshiarpur line.
· An allocation of Rs.250 crore has been proposed under PMGSY-III for upgradation works on 1045 Km. of Road length and 16 bridgesin 13 districts of the state. The total cost of the project is Rs. 758 crore.
· Under Central Road Fund (CRF) Scheme, a provision of Rs. 250 crore has been earmarked for various works benefiting 308 Km of Roads. During 2021-22, Rs. 100 crore has been allocated for land acquisition.
· Our Government would continue providing free electricity of 300 units per month upto 1KW to the freedom fighters category and 200 units per month upto 1KW to the SC, BC, non -SC BPL consumers. 24.31 lakh domestic consumers avail this subsidy. An allocation of Rs. 1,513 crore is being proposed during 2021-22.
· Construction of 400KV sub-station at Dhanansu and BehmanJassa Singh.
· Construction of 400 KV Substation at Ropar, additional 500 MVA at 400 KV Substation, Rajpura and augmention of 1 No. 315 MVA with 500 MVA at Nakodar.
· Construction work of new 400KV sub-station at Dhanansu and BehmanJassa Singh
· Setting up of aggregate capacity of 100 MW standalone Biomass Power Projects and 25 MW Biomass Solar Hybrid Power Projects.
· Installation of High Mast Solar Powered Light in 750 rural stadium/playgrounds.
· Pradhan Mantri - Kisan Urja Suraksha Evam UtthaanMahabhiyan- Rs. 125 crore.
· Construction of 25 Bus-stands including Roopnagar, Dharamkot, Mullanpur, Zira etc- Rs. 250 crore.
· Procurement of 500 new buses for PRTC and PUNBUS- Rs. 150 crore.
· Free Transport Facility to Students and Women- Rs. 170 crore.
· Operationalisation ofPunjab Road Safety Council at the State-level and at the District-level Regional Driving Training Centres (RDTCs) at Malerkotla and Batala .
· Home-delivery of Driving Licences and Registration Certificates (RCs) on the lines of passport delivery and tatkal option for emergency cases.
· Construction of Tehsil Complexes at Guru Harsahai, Malerkotla, Ahmedgarh,Bhawanigarh, Amloh, Dinanagar.
· Construction of New Sub-Tehsil complex at Sham Charausi and Hajipur.
· Completion of District Administrative Complex (DAC) Amritsar and Additional floor in District Administrative Complex Pathankot- Rs. 50 crore.
· One-Time Settlement Scheme (OTS) for VAT & CST w.e.f. 01.02.2021
· A scheme, on the similar lines, for VAT Assessments of post 2013-14 till introduction of GST to be notified in 2021-22
· On-boarding 15 more services of the State Government Departments/Boards/Corporations and 10 Universities of the State on Digi Locker.
· Under Public Grievance Redressal System (PGRS), the State aims to reduce the pendency of Grievances to 1% and further quicken the resolution of Grievances, development of a Mobile Application.
· E-office platform.
· Unified ID for citizens and their families – for providing welfare of various government schemes through a verifiable database.
· Integration of IFMS system with the NSDL software for real time (T+2 days) uploading of monthly deductions in the subscribers account – covered under the NPS scheme.
· 6th Punjab Pay Commission w.e.f. 01.7.2021 and Arrears, if any, in a staggered manner of which the first instalment shall be paid in October, 2021 andsecond instalment in January, 2022.

Punjab Budget at a Glance
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