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ABP Majha leaves no stone unturned in ensuring safety at the workplace

Mumbai, (Global News) : As Covid-19 cases see a steep rise across the country, ABP Majha, has been laser-focused on strengthening occupational safety and health, adjusting work arrangements, and providing access to health care and paid leaves to all its employees, to tackle this new wave effectively. The channel has put certain standard operating procedures (SOPs) in place, to ensure smooth operations and well-being of all its employees.

Just like last year, ABP Majha has various safety protocols in order such as work from home, reduced working hours, regular sanitization of the premises, etc. The channel has been strategically managing its newsrooms through a systemic division within production and editorial teams to reduce the risk of contagion. As per this system, two mutually exclusive groups have been formed that work in the office, on an alternate week basis.

Due to the prevailing COVID-19 situation in Maharashtra, ABP Majha is also currently exploring how active teams can stay in nearby hotels, provided the employees are comfortable with it. Similarly, employees working within the office are encouraged not to visit refreshment joints outside office during duty hours, to reduce the risk of exposure. All employees are being provided with conveyance services in light of the unavailability or increased risk in commuting via public transport.

Furthermore, reporters do not visit newsrooms at all as they are continuously out in the field. In fact, specific reporters and cameramen are part of a fixed unit so they don’t expose different people on different days. ABP Majha is encouraging certain teams like the Digital Team to work from home by supporting them in myriad ways.

In addition to these measures, ABP Network has also pledged to get all its employees (across all regions) vaccinated at the earliest. At ABP Majha, a large number of people have already been vaccinated from the editorial and operations team and the rest will follow as well.



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