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Chandigarh: Nand Lal Sharma, Chairman, BBMB intimated that the Bhakra Beas Management Board (BBMB) is continuing its remarkable journey of innovation and excellence in the field of power generation. On 29th July 2023, BBMB accomplished yet another feat by achieving the highest-ever power generation of 625.26 LUs (Lakh Units) in a single day, surpassing its previous record of 615.94 LUs set on 28th July 2023. In addition to this, BBMB also achieved maximum peak generation of 2784 MW (Megawatts) on the same day surpassing its previous record of 2733MW achieved on 22nd July, 2023. BBMB had achieved record generation of 604.24 LUs on 21.08.2008. The record of 21.08.2008 was first smashed on 24.07.2023 by generating 615.14 LUs of power. Thereafter on 28.07.2023 a record generation of 615.94 LUs was achieved and yesterday i.e, on 29.07.2023, this figure has been pushed to an all-time high of 625.26 LUs.

BBMB is continuously upgrading the generating capacity of its power plants through Renovation, Modernization & Uprating (RM&U) of its generating units to meet the growing energy demands of the nation. The RM&U of Bhakra Left Bank Power House was completed by BBMB in June 2023, following which the installed capacity of Bhakra Left Bank Power House has increased from 540 MW to 630 MW. The upgrade involved incorporation of state-of-the-art technologies and modern engineering practices to enhance the efficiency and performance of the power plant. This initiative is part of BBMB's commitment to embracing innovation and sustainable practices in the power generation sector and has helped BBMB in achieving new highs in power generation.

During torrential rains in the month of July, BBMB had successfully absorbed entire flood water that originated in the rivers Satluj and Beas in its Bhakra and Pong Dams respectively, thereby significantly reducing the fury of floods in the states of Punjab & Haryana. Now, when the flood waters in the downstream areas have receded, BBMB has started controlled discharge of water from its dams, which has led to record production of electricity.

On achieving this astounding accomplishment, Chairman BBMB, warmly congratulated the dedicated employees of BBMB for their tireless efforts and exceptional performance and urged them to remain steadfast in their pursuit of excellence and innovation. He reiterated BBMB’s commitment to consistently embrace innovation, operational efficiency and sustainable practices to serve the nation with reliable, low cost and pollution free power supply.

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