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Chugh fires AAP's Sanjay Singh for spreading political canard

Delhi: BJP national general secretary Tarun Chugh today blasted senior AAP leader Sanjay Singh for spreading canard to gain political sympathy for his party.

 Chugh said the corruption of the AAP government was exposed in the country in the liquor policy scam that has its roots in Delhi,Punjab, Telangana and other states.

Chugh said they are  not just corrupt, the AAP government's dismal failure on other fronts is already known to the people. All the AAP propaganda on clinics and schools is an eyewash to fool the voters.

He said a government that talks about clinics prepared a liquor policy to benefit the liquor barons at the cost of public health. In Punjab its result was amply demonstrated in the Sangrur hooch tragedy that killed about two dozen people in the home district of  Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann.

Health clinics claimed by AAP are only cover up operations to run the scams like that of the liquor scam unearthed in Delhi, Chugh added.

 Chugh said Sanjay Singh has not been jailed for the freedom movement or any public grievance. You are in jail because of scams, betrayal and bribery. Unfortunately, press conferences are being done by putting Arvind Kejriwal's picture parallel to those of BR Ambedkar and Bhagat Singh. Both these personalities are being disrespected by this act. On one hand, it's a person indulged in a liquor scam and on the other hand, are those who never took a step back in the freedom movement of the country. On the one side, it's the person who formed the Constitution and on the other side it's the person who doesn't follow the Constitution.



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