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CII in partnership with BYLD Group hosted its HR Conclave

CHANDIGARH: Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), India’s largest industry body, in partnership with BYLD Group, hosted its HR Conclave in Chandigarh. The event was attended by prominent figures from the HR fraternity, various industries, and the student community. The conclave has consistently drawn a full audience to its sessions due to its focus on shaping HR trends, adopting new practices for HR ecosystem enhancement, sharing insights from top global workplaces, and strategic discussions.”

Over the years, the CII conclaves have featured seasoned speakers who have contributed to their immense success. This year too the attendees heard speakers like Meenakshi Khera, Walker Digital Table Systems, LLC, Mr. Farhan Shahid, Sodexo, Mr. Heeresh Girdhar, SCIPL, Mr. Sandeep Singh Sasan, DRA Infracon, Mr. Anand Dewan, BYLD Group, Mr. M M Singh, Hero Motocorp, Mr. Kapil Kumar, LG, Mr. Amarendra Mishra, Hero Enterprise, Ms. Pooja Luthra,Trident Group, Mr. Jaspreet Ahluwalia, LSR Infracon Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Harpreet Bhatia, Chitkara University, Madhu Verma, iEnergizer, Dr. Naipal Singh, PNB (Public Sector Bank) and many more.

Mr. Nishit Sood, Chairman- CII Delhi Sub Committee on HR and IR, Chief Flow Officer, BYLD Group, BYLD Group, shared the vision of the conclave. “The main objective was to highlight the reset which calls for adapting now as well as reimagining the organizations for tomorrow. Our goal was to give businesses and students perspectives and workplace-appropriate tactics.” He further added that “The conclave’s focus extended beyond the conventional hiring process to include talent acquisition, productivity, Employee well-being, Digital Era: Revolutionizing Businesses, Strategic Workforce Planning for Small Scale Industries, Talent Management through HiTech HiTouch, New Age Workforce - competencies that will help you survive & thrive, Data-driven HR strategies, Next-gen adaptability for business, workplace culture, and industry readiness for Gen Z and vice versa, among other topics.”

As we gaze into the future, the conclave illuminated the horizon of adaptable HR strategies designed to sculpt a more inclusive, innovative, and impactful future of work. The canvas of possibilities encompasses a fresh perspective on remote work dynamics, the recalibration of communication channels, and the revitalization of collaborative mechanisms. Crucially, the event emphasized the profound reshaping of HR strategies to reinforce operations and tailor deliveries to seamlessly align with the emerging contours of tomorrow’s organizations. Diverse viewpoints emerged as catalysts for enriched decision-making, woven from a myriad of backgrounds. The confluence of positivity, engagement, and elevated productivity emerged as the cornerstone of progressive workplace dynamics. Ultimately, the resounding consensus affirmed that an organization’s culture is not merely a facet but an instrumental linchpin, profoundly influencing its trajectory toward success.

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