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Closing Ceremony of Road Safety Awareness Workshop 2024 by Road Safety, Organisation Panchkula

Panchkula: The Road Safety Organisation (RSO), Panchkula, successfully concluded a series of impactful road safety awareness seminars across various colleges in Panchkula District. The closing ceremony, held today, was graced by the esteemed presence of IG Haryana Police Mr. Hardeep Singh Doon (IPS), Ms. Himadree Kaushik (IPS), and several other senior dignitaries from the Police department.

The seminars, organized by RSO Panchkula, aimed at fostering a culture of responsible road behavior among the youth, who are both vulnerable road users and potential agents of change in promoting road safety. Through engaging sessions, interactive workshops, and informative discussions, students were equipped with essential knowledge and skills to navigate roads safely and responsibly.

Mr. Ankur Kapoor President and Mr Deep Kishan Chairman of RSO Panchkula, expressed there gratitude to all the participants, volunteers, and stakeholders for their unwavering support and dedication throughout the seminar series. He emphasized the critical role of collaborative efforts in creating safer road environments for all citizens.

"I extend my heartfelt appreciation to IG Haryana Police Mr. Hardeep Singh Doon (IPS), Ms. Himadree Kaushik (IPS), and our esteemed guests for their invaluable presence and continuous support towards our road safety initiatives," said Mr. Kapoor

During the closing ceremony, IG Haryana Police Mr. Hardeep Singh Doon (IPS) commended the efforts of RSO Panchkula in raising awareness about road safety issues and empowering the youth to become responsible road users. He reiterated the commitment of the Haryana Police to work closely with organizations like RSO Panchkula to address road safety challenges effectively.

Among the dignitaries present were Mr.Deep Kishan Chauhan (Chairman) Mr Sunil Khosla Vice Chaorman Mr Nitin Sharma Mr Lakshay Sharma, Mr. Raj Bedi (Secretary), Mr. Tarunpal Singh Khurana (Joint Secretary), Mr. Mukesh Chauhan (Media Secretary), Mr. Tejinder Pal Singh Sodhi, Mr. Karan Bagla, and several other members of RSO Panchkula, whose dedication and enthusiasm contributed significantly to the success of the seminars.

The presence of Principals from all government colleges in District Panchkula underscored the importance of integrating road safety education into the academic curriculum and promoting a culture of safety within educational institutions.

As the seminars concluded, RSO Panchkula reaffirmed its commitment to continuing its efforts in advocating for safer roads, promoting responsible behavior, and saving lives through sustained awareness and community engagement



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