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Godrej Security Solutions study reveal that only 28% Indians associate Home Security to being ‘Safe

Chandigarh, (Aditi) : What does ‘Safe & Sound’ mean? Since the pandemic, there has been a massive shift in India’s security habits. Even though the crime rates continue to rise, Indians prioritize health and physical security over home security. Given the increasing gap between the awareness and adoption of home security, Godrej Security Solutions, a business of Godrej & Boyce, the flagship Company of the Godrej Group, has conducted a study called ‘Decoding Safe and Sound: in the Indian Context’. The study reveals that ‘Safe and Sound’ to Indians are based on three key contexts: Health wellbeing, property security and technology safety. 42 % of respondents associate ‘Safe and Sound’ to the wellbeing of their own health and to that of their loved ones.

With the pandemic easing out and people moving out of their homes, it was shocking to know that only 28% of the respondents associated Safe and Sound to their property and possessions. The focus on health wellbeing was re-emphasized when 31% of respondents said that they were most likely to opt for contactless options even while looking at home security solutions. Godrej Security Solutions has in the past two years introduced a range of contactless security solutions. The category has seen a 20% Y-o-Y growth in sales. The study also revealed that men were more disposed to opting for contactless solutions than women.