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CHANDIGARH: Amarinder Singh Raja Warring, President of the Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee (PPCC), recently articulated apprehensions regarding the decline of industries in Punjab and the consequent relocation of industrial units to other states, driven by more favorable growth prospects elsewhere.

During a recent visit to Delhi, Warring engaged with several industrialists and entrepreneurs during his travel, who conveyed their challenges amidst the prevailing industrial landscape in Punjab under the current AAP administration. Expressing dismay, they highlighted the migration of industries from Punjab to regions such as Uttar Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, and Madhya Pradesh. Notably, significant industrial entities like Cremica from Ludhiana poised to relocate to Jammu.

Warring underscored, "These concerns reflect the ground reality, rather than mere political rhetoric. The neglect of existing industries by the government imperils Punjab's economic stability. Should industries vacate the state, irrespective of the ruling party, the resultant loss of revenue would be profound. Given Punjab's already precarious fiscal position, safeguarding existing industries and fostering further investment are imperative."

Highlighting Punjab's economic dependence on agriculture, Raja Warring noted the adverse impact of measures implemented by the Narendra Modi-led central government, particularly in light of ongoing farmer protests. Disruptions in transportation, owing to protests on railway tracks, have exacerbated challenges faced by industries in the state. He added – “Protests by our farmers on railway tracks have resulted in the disruption of transportation for industries. Furthermore, blockades on roadways by the government and the administration have further escalated the struggles of the people of Punjab. This is all being caused due to the steps taken by the central government, causing troubles for the residents of Punjab as a whole.”

Assuring stakeholders of the Congress's commitment, the PPCC Chief asserted, "Upon assuming power, the Congress will prioritize addressing these issues. As the opposition, we remain steadfast in advocating for the interests of our industries and farmers alike. The ongoing farmers' agitation is not merely a localized concern; it resonates nationally. The repeal of the draconian farm laws is imperative, given the genuine grievances of our farmers."

Moreover, concerns regarding deteriorating law and order were raised by traders, citing instances of targeted crimes against traders and industrialists. Warring emphasized the urgent need for solutions from the AAP Punjab administration to restore confidence and stability within the business community.

The PPCC Chief urged for collective action, emphasizing the interconnectedness of Punjab's agricultural and industrial sectors. Calling for dialogue between Jagjit Singh Dallewal ji and Swarn Singh Pandher ji and stakeholders, including farmers and industrialists, he stressed the necessity of finding holistic solutions to alleviate the state's hardships.

He concluded with the following assertion: "This represents the strategic intent of the BJP-led government. Their objective appears to be the destabilization of the ongoing farmers' protest and the deliberate hindrance of Punjab's industrial growth, thus fostering a decline in the state's overall prosperity. It is evident that the government seeks to perpetuate these challenges to undermine the momentum of our protests and suppress our collective voice. However, it is imperative that we, as stakeholders in Punjab's progress, unite to find inclusive and enduring solutions. I pledge my commitment to facilitating such resolutions for the betterment of our state. The Congress Party remains steadfast in its allegiance to the people of Punjab, steadfast in our commitment to fostering an environment conducive to industrial advancement. As the principal opposition, we shall ardently advocate for the protection of your rights. Our manifesto stands as a testament to our unwavering dedication to the welfare of the people of Punjab and the nation at large. The Congress Party stands resolute in its determination to foster nationwide growth and prosperity."



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