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Tewari jibes Tandon over making football ground at Dadu Majra dump in 3 months

CHANDIGARH: Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance (INDIA) candidate from Chandigarh parliamentary constituency Manish Tewari today took a dig at the BJP candidate Sanjay Tandon for claiming to turn Dadu Majra dump into a football ground within next three months.

“Were you playing cricket all the time?” Tewari shot back at Tandon, pointing out, the BJP has been in power for ten years, with an MP and Municipal Corporation there and still the party candidate was asking for three months more. “What his party could not do in ten years, Tandon is claiming to get that done in three months, and that too it was certain that neither he (Tandon) was winning from Chandigarh nor his party was winning at the centre, only to fool people”, he remarked. 

The Congress leader said, as the writing was on the wall that INDIA government is being formed at the centre, the City Beautiful will be redeemed to justify its name and save its reputation. Congress, he claimed, has a proven record of ensuring development without making any false promises. 


Padyatra in Maloya Colony

Accompanied by the Chandigarh Congress president HS Lucky and local councilor Dilawar, Tewari conducted a ‘padyatra’ in Maloya Colony. He had detailed interaction with the area residents during the yatra. He assured them all their problems will be resolved in a time bound manner as soon as the new government is formed at the centre. 

Area councillor Nirmala devi, Vasudevan, Bano, Gyatri Devi, Rupinder Singh Tyagi, Atma Yadav, Jagdeep, Nirmala, Rahul, Samy Yadav, Gurdev Yadav )AAP), Rajinder Hindustani (AAP) were also present.

Another public meeting was held in Sector 38, which was organized by the AAP councilor Yogesh. 


Meeting of the SC department 

Tewari held a meeting of the senior office bearers of the Scheduled Caste Department of the Chandigarh Congress. He reiterated his commitment to safeguard Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar’s ideals as enshrined in the Constitution of the country. 

The meeting was among others attended by the CTC president HS Lucky, Chairman of the SC Department Dharamveer and others.



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