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This wedding season, Tanishq and Talented encourage soon-to-wed couples to talk about the marriage

Chandigarh, (Aditi) : During November 2021, Tanishq launched Marriage Conversations, bang amidst the big, fat, Indian wedding season. A new brand campaign, that urged couples to go beyond conversations about just the wedding - the bride and groom’s entry, the decor, the guest list; and instead to focus equally if not more on the marriage - their life after the wedding, the real deal.

Staying committed to its message, Tanishq is back with Marriage Conversations 2.0, this time with indie agency Talented. Each film goes deep into a new topic that is likely to resonate with soon-to-wed couples, and depicts what an equitable, modern relationship looks like. You can watch the first of the two that launched today here.

Watch here:

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