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Ayu Health receives additional funding; makes maiden entry into Hyderabad market

Chandigarh, (Gurpreet) : Ayu Health Hospitals, a fast-growing healthcare start-up with a network of 100+ hospitals across India, today announced its maiden entry into Hyderabad. With the aim of providing healthcare for all, the company will be adding more hospitals to its existing portfolio of 19 hospitals and 1500 beds in the region.

Recently, the company secured an additional $5 million on the heels of its Series B funding secured earlier in the year by investors such as Fundamentum Partnership, Stellaris Venture Partners, and Vertex Ventures. The company is making its entry into the Hyderabad market through its unique asset-light business model with the objective of building a trusted network of high-quality hospitals through transparent pricing, insurance provision, and standard treatment protocols. Ayu Health will soon start working with a few of the top hospitals, such as Sia Life, TX Uppal, and Vrinchi hospitals in Hyderabad, to bring quality healthcare to the masses through the standardisation of healthcare services provided by neighbourhood hospitals.

Commenting on the development, Himesh Joshi, co-founder and CEO at Ayu Health, said, "Hyderabad presents a unique opportunity given the rapid expansion of its medical infrastructure, which has made high-quality healthcare available to people across both public and private sectors. We believe that this market is well-positioned for us to offer the general public a transparent and hassle-free medical experience. The city also acts as a regional hub for several neighbouring states and so we are hopeful that our hospitals, enabled with tech-led discovery and access, coupled with unmatched pricing transparency will make quality healthcare both affordable and accessible to patients from these locations too. In the coming year, we'll also increase expand our network to include hospitals from nearby cities like Vijayawada.”



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