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DCM Shriram Ltd to cover Covid-19 vaccination cost for all employees and family members

Chandigarh, (Gurpreet) : Indian business conglomerate, DCM Shriram Ltd has today announced that it will cover the cost of Covid-19 vaccination for all of its employees and their family members.

The company will be reimbursing the cost of Covid-19 vaccinations inclusive of both the doses for all employees, across various levels and categories, along with their dependent family members. This is also extended to covering the vaccination cost of all the people who are engaged with them on a full-time basis on direct contract/retainers or those on rolls of any third party/contractor on-premise at any of DCM Shriram’s units and offices.

This move is a natural step for the company – given its commitment to the wellbeing and safety of employees and their families, whether full-time employees or contract workers. The company has actively engaged and remained in the forefront during Covid-19 pandemic to ensure the safety, health and wellness of its employees and communities through several measures and initiatives. The company has urged all employees and their family members to take an active part in the vaccination process on a priority basis and safeguard themselves and others from Covid-19.