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Festive Delight: Trident group celebrates Dussehra festival, fostering unity and joy

Punjab: Trident Group, a prominent textile player across the world, celebrated Dussehra festival with great fervor and joy. The festival symbolizes the triumph of good over evil. By bringing its employees in a heartwarming display of unity and harmony, the celebration was done through a blend of traditional rituals and fun activities, culminating in a joyous evening. The members were also given exciting gifts, sweets and rewards, further enhancing the festive spirit.

This celebration not only marked the significance of the festival but also presented the strong bond between the company and its valued employees. The festivity was a vibrant display of cultural diversity, as employees from diverse backgrounds came together on this special day. Pooja Luthra, CHRO, Trident Group said, 'The company remains committed to celebrate the rich cultural tapestry of India, ensuring its members feel like an integral part of the Trident Group family'

"We dedicate all our success to the people associated with us and truly believe in spreading happiness and joy through our philosophy- Pehle Khushi, Phir Khushali. Prosperity and well-being amongst our workforce are our utmost priority at all times." she added.

In the true spirit of Dussehra, employees attended the office with vibrant ethnic attire and shared the bond of togetherness and harmony. Members participated in various games and activities that added an element of fun and excitement to the celebration.



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