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Former cricketer and Rajya Sabha MP Harbhajan Singh sent a letter to the Ombudsman of PCA

Chandigarh. (Aditi) Former cricketer and Rajya Sabha MP Harbhajan Singh has opened a front against Punjab Cricket Association (PCA) and President Gulzar Inder Singh Chahal. He has written an open letter for this, which has created a stir in the entire PCA executive. He has leveled allegations against the PCA and the current President of various illegal activities.

Bhajji said that- he has come to know that PCA President is taking every decision on his own and now he is going to induct 150 new members in PCA. These members will also be given the right to vote so that they are in possession of the entire association. That is, if elections are held next time, they can again gain power through their new members. He said that they have been taken without the advice of the General Body and Chief Advisor, which is against the BCCI constitution and PCA guidelines. Not only this, they are not even convening a formal meeting of the PCA to hide the illegal activities.

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