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Implementation of STRAPS Policy for School Bus Safety

Chandigarh: The State Transport Authority (STA) of Chandigarh has issued a crucial directive to all school bus operators within the region to uphold the safety and security standards outlined in the STRAPS Policy by the Chandigarh Administration. This move aims to enhance the protection of students during their daily commute to and from educational institutions. In accordance with the directive, school bus operators are mandated to ensure the functionality of CCTV cameras, GPS systems, and Panic Buttons installed in buses catering to student transportation. Additionally, operators must possess valid documentation including permits, insurance, driver's licenses, fitness certificates, and pollution control certificates to facilitate smooth inspections. Parents are urged to prioritize approved modes of transportation, preferably those endorsed by school authorities. It is essential for parents to verify that the chosen mode of transportation is equipped with essential safety features such as CCTV cameras, GPS tracking, and Panic Buttons, ensuring their children's well-being during transit. Furthermore, Principals and Heads of Educational Institutions are tasked with overseeing the compliance of school transportation services provided by their respective transporters. They are responsible for ensuring that buses employed by their institutions adhere to the prescribed safety standards, including the installation of CCTV cameras, GPS systems, and Panic Buttons.



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